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Google willing to share mobile ad revenue with operators

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Google has been so busy tweaking service providers of late, it seems, it’s easy to forget they make a good mobile partner as well.

The new Google Adsense for Mobile Search delivers a Google-hosted search box that mobile operators – and content providers too – can brand and place on their mobile portals. Google handles all the heavy lifting while also enabling the box to be co-branded by the mobile operator. For the effort, it shares ad revenue with the carrier, Google said in a blog post.

The service is just now entering beta testing, and Google invited interested mobile operators to get a private meeting for a briefing on the offering at Mobile World Congress. Interested operators can fill out a form to request a meeting.

“AdSense for mobile search is a Google-hosted solution, which means users will experience the same speed, reliability and innovation that they’ve come to expect from Google,” said Yury Pinsky, product manager on the Google mobile team, in the blog post. “And even though the results pages are served by Google, the pages can be cobranded with publishers’ logos and linked back to their sites.”

Google originally moved AdSense to mobile last year, with a focus on allowing publishers to put text ads on their mobile Web sites.

As it did on the desktop – where a good portion of its search traffic is actually purchased from partners, such as Firefox and others – Google is trying to cover all its mobile bases. Its Android operating system provides its most robust platform; almost all of the content on that device, from Gmail to YouTube to Google Maps and more, can not only be augmented with ads but provide information about users that can be leveraged to better customize advertising.

Android, however, will be far from everywhere, making it crucial that Google does deal with a wide array of mobile players – including mobile operators – to get its search results and AdSense placements available as widely as possible.

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