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Using Real-Time Offers, Alerts and Interactions To Improve the Mobile Broadband Experience

Live Webcast: Thursday, October 20th | 11:00 AM Eastern
In this Webinar you will learn how to create a real-time relationship with your customers, how to proactively improve the customer experience, and how to successfully target and cross-sell services to boost incremental revenue.

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Megabytes to Megabucks, Bandwidth to Business Models: How 4G Is Changing Everything

Live Webcast: Wednesday, Sept 28, 2011 -- 1pm ET/10 am PT
In this webinar, Yankee Group and Connected Planet will preview some of the overarching themes of 4G World 2011, offering a taste of what attendees can expect at the Chicago conference in October.

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Monetizing Mobile Video: A Carrierís Perspective

Live Webcast: Thursday, Sep 22, 2011 -- 11 am ET/8 am PT
The ability to measure video quality, and track the quality of a specific piece of video content as it moves through the network, will be a key component of the monetization strategy for many carriers. In this seminar, we will discuss some strategies for validating mobile video quality, and some of the ways that carriers can use this information to increase their revenues from video traffic.

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When IaaS Isn't Enough: Service Provider Business Models to Drive Growth and Build Margin

Live Webcast: Thursday, Aug 18, 2011 -- 11 am ET
In this session, youíll learn about opportunities to grow margin and differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a range of cloud services Ė and youíll learn how itís possible to offer a wide range of cloud-based services from a single cloud platform.

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How to Unplug Your Redundant Telco Apps To Save Money and Improve Efficiency

Live Webcast: Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011 -- 2 pm ET
Join us in this educational webinar that will provide actionable insights on the integration tactics and approaches to retire redundant applications more quickly and with buy-in from the business.

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How to Transform Your Aging Telco Voice Network to Drive New Profits and Revenue

Live Webcast: March 30th – 2 pm ET
Fixed-line telephony services have been the mainstay for telecom carriers, and while TDM-based local central offices remain the primary service delivery platform - powerful trends are forcing an industry-wide transition. Attend this webcast to find out more.

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