Applying Real-Time to the Operator’s Tool Kit: Enabling the Second Side of the Two-Sided Model

The business process started with the network and then events fed into the billing-to-cash process. In that old-fashioned world, the billing process was an excellent audit platform and one of the key revenue assurance tools at an operator’s disposal....


Real-Time Customer Policy Management: Turning a Negative into a Positive

Does it strike you as odd that the communications industry has set itself the worthy goal of improving customer experience but, at the same time is still issuing confusing price plans for mobile data services and putting caps on their usage?...


Zappos Shows the Power of Dynamic Communication

What service providers and retailers are you loyal to, and why? How much can your company save by eliminating calls to customer service to check on billing issues? ...


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Why Price Certainty Works

Consumers want to know exactly what they will pay for their goods or services, rather than getting a surprise—often a shock—when the bill arrives. Such uncertainty and consumer complaints about it were the driving force behind the decision by CTIA, in its agreement with the Federal Communications Commission,...


The Case for Dynamic Billing

There’s an ongoing debate about how much sophistication is needed in billing infrastructure to get the job done in today’s marketplace. A host of new entrants are coming into the market touting cloud-based, subscription-oriented billing. ...


Flat Rate vs. Sophisticated—Easy vs. Complex? Pick Two!

Telcos and customers alike would benefit from a world of unlimited bandwidth, where customers could do what they want, when they want it, and where they want. Telcos would see enormous cost savings in customer care and support and customers would see freedom. ...


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