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Residential Services

Telecom service providers deliver a range of residential services, from traditional voice services to competitive video and IPTV services to new connected home capabilities (including home security, energy management, networked health care services and more).

AT&T, T-Mobile deal dead, Sprint among the winners

With AT&T ending T-Mobile bid, Sprint said to be a winner, while T-Mobile expected to start shopping for a new partner. ...

LightSquared adds money woes to GPS and Falcone problems

LightSquared's money situation isn't looking good, with only enough to get it to Q2, says Reuters. The funding woes join the LTE-hopeful's growing list of problems. ...

Sprint disables Carrier IQ, despite insisting it doesn't snoop

Sprint has disabled Carrier IQ on 26 million devices, according to a report, after legislators questioned the software and customers expressed concern. ...

CWA Report: Outsourced call centers pose serious security threat

Union hopes to build support for legislation aimed at discouraging companies from outsourcing call center jobs...

AT&T is giving up on side deals it hoped would win it T-Mobile

AT&T's aggressive bid for T-Mobile seems to be winding down, as a new report says even AT&T's side deals with Leap Wireless and MetroPCS have gone cold. ...

PSTN phase-out workshop endeavors to separate the baby from the bath water

Organized by the FCC, the follow-up workshop illustrates the complexity of transitioning to all-IP networks...

Amazon to stab retail in the heart, says report. Welcome to Q4!

Amazon is arguably out-maneuvering even Google; Verizon and AT&T are enjoying data's rising use; and Xbox is actually Microsoft's winning ticket, says a new third-quarter roundup report. ...

Carrier IQ says it found bugs, never intentionally captures keystrokes

Carrier IQ has worked with Trevor Eckhart, the researcher who kicked off a controversy, to identify issues and has released a report addressing 'recent public discussions and questions.' ...

FiOS targets Millennials in D.C. with unique campaign

Verizon exec: Social media, out of home marketing and digital advertising are key elements of hyperlocal strategy...

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