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The starting point for any new marketing initiative should be a close examination of your customers - the ones you have or the ones you want.

Connected Business Research

In partnership with Pentonís Cloud IT Pro and Mobile Dev Pro publications, Connected Business Research provides research services and assistance in navigating the advanced telecom industry and related areas including cloud infrastructure and mobile services and applications development. Connected Business Research is a full service research provider with turn-key offerings in market research reports, multi-client studies, single-client custom research and web seminars.

Our team of experts

Sam Masud, senior analyst

Sam Masud,
a senior analyst
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Sam has covered the telecom and IT sectors for more than two decades as an analyst and editor, serving as an analyst with Frost & Sullivan, Heavy Reading and chief technology editor at Telecommunications magazine.

Samuel Alunni,
a senior analyst
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Samuel specializes in providing insight and analysis of the network infrastructure business, having worked as an engineer, product manager, strategic planner, and consultant with companies like Verizon Business, Aberdeen Group and Technology Management International.

Rich Karpinski, Editor-in-Chief for ConnectedPlanetOnline

Rich Karpinski,
Editor-in-Chief of Connected Planet, MobileDevPro and CloudITPro
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Rich will round out the analyst team. Karpinski, also a 20 year veteran of the telecom and IT industry began his career with Telephony in 1989 and returned in 2008 as Executive Editor. He was named Editor-in-Chief of Connected Planet in 2010 and heads Pentonís MobileDevPro and CloudITPro sites.

Top 3 Reasons Why You
Need Market Research
  1. Learn what your customers or potential customers are thinking
  2. Find out if your product & marketing strategies are in sync with what your customers want
  3. Get insight on the adoption of different technologies by customers.
How to Get Started

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CBR is a full service research provider and will manage all phases of your research project. Ask us about our turnkey offerings.

  • Market Research Reports
  • Web Seminars
  • Multi-Client Studies
  • Single-Client Research


Marjaneh Shahravesh
Account Executive
Connected Planet Online, MobileDevPro and CloudITPro
(970) 203-2914

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