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A Telephony Podcast: Ovum-RHK's Dana Cooperson with the scoop on OFC

Dana Cooperson, vice president of network infrastructure at Ovum-RHK, separates hype from reality at OFC NFOEC, analyzing technology and market trends as well as hot topics at the annual optical show...

A Telephony Podcast: Infonetics' Michael Howard breaks down OFC

Michael Howard, cofounder of Infonetics Research, identifies the trends and notable innovations evident at the OFC NFOEC optical trade show, adding his own insights on 40G and 100G technology and new developments in ROADMs...


OFC: 40G, 100G debates die down

SAN DIEGO--Like last year, the evolution of 40-Gb/s and 100-Gb/s optical technology was a prominent topic at the OFC NFOEC show. But unlike last year, there is more agreement today about the timing of those technologiesí deployment in carrier networks....

Exclusive: Reed Hundt on the 700 MHz auction, P2P throttling

SAN DIEGO--Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt formed Frontline Wireless with plans to build a nationwide emergency communications network using spectrum auctioned off by the FCC. Among other things, Frontline has proposed that the FCC apply open access requirements to the spectrum. Reed spoke with Telephony in an exclusive interview at the OFC NFOEC optical trade show this week...

OFC: Why optical components are ripe for recovery (really)

SAN DIEGO--At the OFC NFOEC show, familiar lamentations of an overcrowded and unprofitable components and modules sector dampened the mood among attendees. But to at least one Wall Street analyst, this dour sector suddenly seems ripe for investment...

OFC: Verizon details plans to bring fiber to larger MDUs

SAN DIEGO--Verizon Communications is planning a major push of its fiber-to-the-home service into multidwelling units (MDUs) this year. Despite passing 2.1 million MDUs at the end of last yearís third quarter, Verizonís FTTH network was only capable of serving 400,000 of them. The companyís technology director, Vincent OíByrne, spoke with Telephonyís Ed Gubbins at the OFC show in San Diego this week about Verizonís plans for MDUs this year....

OFC: Terabit Ethernet requires network overhaul

SAN DIEGO--Terabit Ethernet networks are coming, said Bob Metcalfe, a partner at Polaris Ventures who is credited with having invented Ethernet more than 35 years ago. But itís not clear exactly when, he said. And itís less clear what network architectures will be needed to enable them...

OFC: Qwest CTO maps opticalís future

SAN DIEGO--Pieter Poll, Qwest Communicationsí chief technology officer, described some of the innovations critical to the future of optical networks, but he also identified hurdles to the commercial implementation of those innovations in a speech at the OFC NFOEC show today...

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