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Building the Rapid Network

Required Reading Series

Advances in fiber deployment yield big gains in mobile network connectivity
One of the most important areas of telecom network investment today is the landline infrastructure supporting mobile networks. Rollouts of fourth-generation wireless networks, coupled with unprecedented bandwidth demand, are driving increased use of fiber connectivity.

This article looks at the role that several technology advances can play in supporting fast and economical mobile network deployments and pave the way for easy upgrades in the future. Scroll down for more information.

Rural network operators have unique fiber installation needs
Rural network operators have unique fiber needs resulting from lower population densities and from their relatively low employee counts. This article looks at new advances in fiber connectivity that can help meet these unique needs.

A time and money saving approach to fiber deployment
In this article we explore a new approach to fiber installation called the Rapid fiber panel that aims to minimize fiber deployment cost and installation time. Suitable for use in the central office, data center, head-end, cell site hub, or mobile switching office, the Rapid fiber panel can help service providers in meeting critical fiber deployment goals.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

TE Connectivity’s flexible cell site solutions offer greater network flexibility and simplification while reducing installation time and labor costs within a wide variety of cell site types and configurations. In addition, these solutions offer advantages no matter what technology is being deployed:

TE Flexible Cell Site Solutions

 Any Cell: macro, micro, pico, femto
  Any Technology: fiber, copper, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G, WiMax, LTE
  Anywhere: mono pole, radio head, rooftop, in-building, etc.

Rapid Fiber Panel with Indoor/Outdoor Cable - a fiber distribution panel that incorporates TE’s unique RapidReel™ fiber cable spool. The spool allows the installer to pay out exactly the amount of cable needed for faster, more economical fiber deployment and provides built-in slack cable storage.   
Flexible Fiber Box (FFB) – a modular aggregation and demarcation box that can be factory-or-field- configured for spliced, connectorized, or multi-connectorized applications. The FFB can be mounted in a variety of applications, including walls, H-frames, and towers, and is available with TE’s RapidReel fiber cable spooling technology. 
Optical Monitoring Solutions – allow non-intrusive optical monitoring and testing of uplink and downlink cell site traffic, greatly reducing the time necessary to locate failure points or signal degradation.  TE offers a wide range of split ratios to accommodate varying application requirements. 
Gel Seal for Inline and Antenna Connectors (GSIC) – a weatherproofing system that seals jumper-to-feeder and jumper-to-antenna connectors exposed to the outside environment. GSIC is easy to install – with no tape, mastics or tools required – and is removable and reusable.  Its wrap-around application requires no disconnection of the connector.   

Innovative FTTx Solutions for Rural Service Providers

Rural networks have unique requirements. TE Connectivity’s innovative Rapid fiber product portfolio in combination with its full line of scaled solutions for lower density applications enables faster fiber deployment and improved cost efficiencies. Consider these examples:

RapidReel™ fiber cable spool

Indoor/Outdoor Rapid Fiber Panel.
With its innovative RapidReel™ fiber cable spool, the panel deploys up to 200 ft. of fiber cable mounted inside. Installers simply pay-out the precise length they need. The panel saves time, provides built-in slack storage and significantly reduces installation time and labor costs.

Mini RDT

Mini Rapid Distribution Terminal.
The Mini RDT is a compact, high-density fiber box designed to reduce installation time and labor costs. Its RapidReel fiber cable spool deploys up to 100 ft. of 12-fiber cable, provides slack storage, and terminates to an MPO connector to ensure fast cable routing and handling. Ideal for MDU/MTU applications.

Mini MST

Mini Multiport Service Terminal w/DLX Drop Cable.
The Mini MST features DLX hardened adapters, resulting in a smaller terminal package. DLX hardened drop cables incorporate miniaturized fiber optic connector technology for faster deployment and are backward compatible with full-sized hardened connectors.

Mini Fiber Distribution Hub

Mini Fiber Distribution Hub.
The mini FDH is an economical solution to meet the unique requirements of lower-density deployments. It can be wall or pole mounted and uses the same ‘plug-and-play’ splitters and accessories as larger FDH 3000 cabinets.

The Rapid Fiber Panel

3RU Rapid Fiber Panel

The Rapid fiber panel, with its RapidReel™ internal fiber cable spool, combines an intermediate distribution panel with up to 200 feet of fiber cable mounted inside*. Installers simply pay-out the precise length they need and terminate to a high performance multi-fiber push-on connector (MPO) at the optical distribution frame. Precisely measuring the cable length required to connect network elements and handling excess cable slack in the overhead environment are no longer a concern.

The panel provides built-in slack storage and reduces installation time and labor costs significantly. In fact, compared with traditional installation practices, the total cost per installation can be reduced by as much as 25%. The Rapid fiber panel helps:

  • Simplify site survey inspections
  • Reduce cable congestion and slack storage issues
  • Simplify product selection and ordering
  • Shorten product lead time
  • Reduce installation and engineering time

RapidReel™ Internal Fiber Cable Spool

MPO Connector w/Pulling Eye Assembly

TE Microcable vs. Standard IFC Cable

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*Available in 100’ increments up to 1,000’

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