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Contact Telecom enhances business intelligence for Blue Casa

Contact Telecom’s philosophy enables telcos to use their data to its fullest - in a way that they want. Do telcos know what they want?

Blue Casa, a California service provider primarily serving Hispanic users, has tapped Contact Telecom to provide billing, revenue assurance and analytics capabilities.

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Contact Telecom won Blue Casa’s business with its Billing Data Analyzer (BDA). BDA is designed to manage and process telcos billing, usage, and invoice data, providing business-critical revenue and cost assurance analysis and reporting services.

Peter Yelle, partner at Contact Telecom says “By administering a select number of references, our system morphs to take on the telco’s business model. We provide the engine to process the data. This allows telcos such as Blue Casa to use our cloud based analytics products to streamline its billing process, realize efficiencies and enhance revenue assurance and customer initiatives.”

The question is, do telcos know what they need from their data?

“Telcos are always analyzing and trying to improve their business in an environment where margins are constantly being squeezed,” says Yelle.

Where are telcos in terms of their maturity in using analytics to help them run their businesses?

According to Yelle there are five stages.

“In stage one there is no defined process, reporting is ad-hoc and reactionary. Stage two is defined by individual processes, which are still ad-hoc. Typically, everyone is using different data sources, with widely varying results. By stage three there are defined processes, probably organized by department or organization. At this stage there are common data sets and the process is less reactionary.

By stage four you see enterprise level processes, where results are shared across departments. This gives rise to measurable business success through sharing data across departments. By stage five you see coherent processes and delivery that support strategic initiatives.”

“Right now, we are still seeing a lot of paper. This is inefficient and is not making anything out of the potential of the data. The other thing we are seeing is companies outsourcing – a reaction to a need. The trouble is if you lose sight of your data it is difficult to use it properly and you lose sight of your business.

The ability for a telco to support the analysis needed typically scales with the philosophy of the carrier's management team. In short, we are not looking at a mature market at this point.”

As margins fight with innovation, as services and products become hyper-specialized and the need to transform the telco model becomes an imperative, the importance of analytics and its proper use simply cannot be ignored.

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