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Data Center & BSS/OSS

Telco back-office systems including traditional provisioning, fulfillment, management and test platforms, as well as a new range of capabilities to deliver managed services, expose network APIs, enable third party value chains, and more.

Consumer Union--copy California protection for mobile consumers

The Consumer Union is questioning whether consumers are well enough protected if they pay via their mobiles. Customer confidence is at stake....

Convergys – customers happy to try new channels, but only if they work

U.S. consumers still prefer to call agents when they need customer service but there is growing popularity of other channels....

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) taps DigitalRoute for 4G mediation

BTC's aim when they launched 4G in November was 20 to 30 times faster data speeds -- it worked and is only the beginning....

Oracle aims to flatten mobile silos, simplify billing

New solution creates a 'digital content retailing' that service providers can use to deliver and monetize an array of digital content ...

The terminal headache of providing mobile customer experience

It is now acknowledged that there is another serious factor that plays into the success or failure of mobile payments: the merchants that lie between the provider and the customer. ...

Motorola Mobility TV barometer points to 'change' -- is there a storm coming?

The annual survey shows an almost five-fold increase in the number of Americans watching TV on smartphones. ...

Gartner's IT predictions -- 'adapt or be swept aside'

Gartner has compiled its 2012 and beyond predictions for IT based organizations, from various sources and studies from the year. Conclusion: the silos are crumbling....

Forget fiber, telcos should deliver customer service to the home -- and fast

Customers are using multiple devices inter-operably. Now, most telcos agree it's time to offer them multi-device technical support at home. ...

Customer experience is the goal, but what are the first steps for telcos?

Customer experience solutions company Globys believes that there is a balance between technology and culture that will deliver excellent customer service....

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