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Tomorrow’s next-generation networks are IP-based from end-to-end, built more like a data center than traditional central office and full of general purpose hardware (think blades) and software ranging from soft switches to DPI boxes to policy platforms and more.

Verizon expands 100 Gb/s routing to metro edge networks

Cisco CRS-300 will be deployed in seven metro markets...

ConteXtream pitches network 'grid' to cloud providers

Vendor talks up virtualized data center switch that mirrors how cloud providers deliver computing infrastructure...

Behind the OIF’s new OTN-over-packet-fabric implementation agreement

New IA paves the way for equipment that simultaneously supports packet and wavelength switching...

Alcatel-Lucent extends 100G reach

New cards, which fit right alongside previous 100G ones, boast greater reach and lower power consumption, among other advances...

Epsilon first customer for BTI optical platform

The carrier, a wholesale provider of international connectivity, seeks to keep up with bandwidth demand and to quickly provision services...

Adtran adds ROADM-on-a-blade, other functionality to Optical Networking Edge platform

Development aims to address need for greater flexibility at the network edge...

IMS equipment sales set to grow by 50 percent. Will it matter?

After years of hype, then a similar spell in the shadows, IMS has reappeared as a defense against the attacks of OTT players....

Allstream seeks capacity, cost-effectiveness with 100 Gb/s network upgrade

Carrier chooses coherent optical equipment from Ciena with an eye toward offering higher speed wavelength services...

Study finds huge increase in IPv6 support—at least for one network element

Big jump in adoption by domain name registrars could fuel broader IPv6 support, Infoblox predicts...

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