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The next-generation of mobile voice, text and data services are now being deployed worldwide via new networks that include faster radio access networks and IP-based cores and backhaul networks that deliver true wireless broadband connectivity.

LightSquared adds money woes to GPS and Falcone problems

LightSquared's money situation isn't looking good, with only enough to get it to Q2, says Reuters. The funding woes join the LTE-hopeful's growing list of problems. ...

It's over: AT&T ends T-Mobile bid

In a painful end to an ill-fated buy-out attempt, the company said it is ending its bid for rival T-Mobile. Up next: a $4 billion make-good payment to DT and a world in which rival Verizon Wireless just gobbled up massive amounts of spectrum from cable rivals (pending approval, of course)...

Verizon continues to gobble up MSO spectrum, Cox next on board

The mobile operator builds on its big buy-out earlier this month with a deal that acquires more AWS spectrum to fuel its 4G expansion...

Clearwire raises $715.5 million toward LTE buildout

Clearwire, through sales of common stock and help from Sprint, has raised $715.5 million toward building out a TDD-LTE 4G network. Now for the hard part......

LightSquared denies 4G network still endangering GPS

LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja, livid over reports that the LightSquared network is still interfering with GPS signals, called on the Depts. of Defense and Transportation to clarify leaked data and investigate its source....

Q&A: Hong Kong CSLís 'shocking' LTE customer experience discoveries

We talked with the mobile operator, among the first to launch LTE services, and uncovered a number of unexpected lessons learned as they experiment with 4G service....

AT&T at the bottom of another Consumer Reports survey

Verizon was the best of the top-four carriers, in a customer satisfaction survey, though the happiest users, says Consumer Reports, are those with regional and prepaid carriers. ...

Clearwire looking to raise $595 million to start LTE roll out

Clearwire, as suggested in its new deal with Sprint, is planning sales of stock that it hopes could bring in $595 million. Part of the money be used to deploy LTE over its WiMax infrastructure. ...

AT&T says FCC denied it a fair hearing, objective treatment

The commission blasted AT&T in a recent 109-page report; today the carrier fired back in caustic fashion....

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